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10 Things No One Told Me About Applying for Tenure

I also recommend people keep a file or box of the kind notes, emails, etc. you receive from students and colleagues. It helps on those days where the being faculty doesn’t always feel like a great job.



Face It: Your Decks Will Never Be Cleared | Vitae

“The reality is: Things never clear up. They don’t even reliably settle down. Your in box is always full. The decks are always crowded. There is always more going on than you want or expect. Nonetheless, you can find ways to put your writing first, and make sure that it gets done. Otherwise, everything but your writing will get done.”

via Face It: Your Decks Will Never Be Cleared | Vitae.

Enhancing Your LinkedIn Profile II: 7 More Tasks and 23+ Tips

Building on an earlier post – 7 Simple To Dos for Rookies to Enhance Their LinkedIn Profile – this piece offers additional guidance to help professionals upgrade their LinkedIn profiles. It describes seven tasks that can be tackled in one sitting or over several sessions. These tasks include adding digital links, creating a summary and adding specialties, selecting representative skills and expertise, and customizing one’s public profile.

via Enhancing Your LinkedIn Profile II: 7 More Tasks and 23+ Tips.

Dressing for Success in Cyberspace: Give Yourself a Digital Make-Over

You strive to create and maintain a strong identity and reputation within your organization, with your clients and peers, and in your industry. But are you as diligent a custodian of your professional brand in cyberspace as you are in the physical world? If not, you probably need a digital make-over… This post helps you dress for success in cyberspace by providing guidance for critiquing, updating, and maintaining your digital presence to convey a positive professional identity in all aspects of your career.”


Dressing for Success in Cyberspace: Give Yourself a Digital Make-Over.

The Benefits of Keeping a Work Journal

“A work-oriented journal is one of the many tools to assist in growing and succeeding in your career. Try it for a week — or a month — and evaluate whether it is worthwhile for you. I found it interesting to read entries from the weeks where I was stressed over a small detail that eventually blew over, or overwhelmed with a new project that in the end, was completed with excellent results.”

The Benefits of Keeping a Work Journal