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There are so many great aspects to my job, but working with students is my favorite. I teach graduate students in Counselor Education and undergraduate students in Rehabilitation and Human Services. They are smart, funny, and committed to working with people in a helping capacity, and I’m proud to work with them. I value professional and community service. I serve on the National Board for Certified Counselors, and previously served on the CACREP Board. I also serve on the board of Strawberry Fields, Inc., which is a local agency that provides services to people with intellectual and mental health disabilities. In addition to board service, I served on the editorial board for the Journal of Counseling & Development for 19 years, most recently as the Qualitative Associate Editor. I think qualitative inquiry is such a good match for counseling research, and I particularly gravitate toward phenomenological inquiry.

The 3 Words Used By Highly Emotionally Intelligent People

Sorry. Please. Thank you. #KindnessMatters

What should we really start with having in mind that emotional intelligence is nothing but just a list of things to check or exams to pass? Where can I start when I don’t have time to read books, perform EQ tests or develop new skills? Three words are enough!

Source: The 3 Words Used By Highly Emotionally Intelligent People

“Work Email Is a Task That Needs to be Tamed, Not Ignored” – HigherEdJobs

Make email a visible task. Emens refers to admin work as invisible labor because it’s not recognized as work tasks but something people do compulsively on devices while multitasking. Try giving this task a name, that is, build it into your to-do list or time on your calendar.”

Source: “Work Email Is a Task That Needs to be Tamed, Not Ignored” – HigherEdJobs