How to Make Breakout Rooms (in Zoom) Work Better

Breakout rooms: love them or hate them? Many professors use them to spark conversation and group work in online classes. But students often find them painfully awkward.

So, not long ago, I asked readers for suggestions on how to design effective breakout rooms. I heard from many of you.”

What You Can Learn from Living in Antarctica: Wisdom from the End of the Earth

“You have to know what your expectations are. If you expect it to be hard, it’s going to be hard. If you expect it to be amazing and filled with new and interesting experiences, you end up looking for those experiences. People who are resourceful and come up with ways of managing changing conditions personally or professionally do better over the long haul.”

A Radical Guide to Spending Less Time on Your Phone

“My phone, once a source of liberation — I could check my email without having to go home, which meant I could spend more time out doing things — eventually became a weight that tied me down. Instead of making me better at my job, it started preventing what Cal Newport calls “deep work” — focused, dedicated, creative time. Instead of helping me have fun, it was making me miserable.”

Online Therapist’s Daily Checklist

“If you’re a therapist who’s new to being an online therapist, it’s understandable if you’re slightly nervous about this different way of working. Perhaps you’re wondering what essential information you might require. Firstly, you could read my guide to the six most important things online therapists need to know. This will give you some basic information.”

Beating Pandemic Burnout

“I see debates about remote versus online learning and whether it is possible to keep courses ‘normal’ and ‘rigorous,’ more emotional labor than ever before, lamentations about suspended productivity, and a genuine sense of fear and loss for students, colleagues, communities and families…Yet dwelling only on the anxiety and burnout will not help us through these times…In this spirit, I offer four reflective pillars that were crucial to my own recovery from burnout: focusing on purpose, compassion, connection and balance.”

How to Overcome “Imposter Syndrome”

“When suffering from self-doubt, it’s easy to think that you’re the only one who’s ever felt that way — but it’s not true. Even the most successful, powerful and accomplished women (and men, too) have been unsure of themselves at one point or another. But don’t take my word for it. Here are a few former impostors in their own words…

Maya Angelou: The prizewinning author once said, after publishing her 11th book, that every time she wrote another one she’d think to herself: “Uh-oh, they’re going to find out now. I’ve run a game on everybody.”