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7 Simple To Dos for Rookies to Enhance Their LinkedIn Profile

“This post provides seven basic recommendations that can help digital rookies transform their LinkedIn profile from anemic to respectable. These tasks can be tackled in as little as an hour (and no more than a half-day session) and will produce a solid basic presence that also lays a foundation for future development.”

7 Simple To Dos for Rookies to Enhance Their LinkedIn Profile

Five Simple Ways to Boost Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn

“Did you know that an average of 45 million profiles are viewed each day on LinkedIn? Your LinkedIn profile can be your ticket to a variety of new professional opportunities like partnerships, jobs, mentorships, volunteering or new business. On LinkedIn, you have complete control of how you want to be portrayed professionally to the world…” This infographic has simple and easy info to make your LI profile stronger:

Five Simple Ways to Boost Your Professional Brand on LinkedIn

10 Email Tips for Interns

10 Email Tips for Interns

“The first time a client or an upper-level manager has contact with an intern is often through e-mail. The recipient of an e-mail can learn so much about the sender by the way the message is written. From one simple e-mail, a recipient can tell if the intern pays attention to details, values the company’s image and cares about his or her responsibilities. In addition, the intern’s tone and professionalism is interpreted when reading an e-mail.”

Yes, You Need a LinkedIn Account!

“With so many social networks to traverse today, why is it important for college students to be on yet another site? There are many benefits to being active on LinkedIn, but the most basic reason – to get a job and move out of your parent’s house! You do want to move out of your parent’s house, right?”

This is a great primer on why college students need a LinkedIn profile: Yes, You Need a LinkedIn Account!

14 Tellings Signs You Love Your Job

What I like about the article is that if the positive signs aren’t there, you can figure out how to make a change to like your job more…or you can decide it’s time to change your job.

“You may not give your computer screen an embarrassingly gushing smile and you might not write little love notes during your lunch break. But, there are ways to tell if you love your job.”

14 Telling Signs You Love Your Job